Eastern European food products


Reliably and vigorously from 1996

Eastern European food products

Οι αποθήκες ρωσικών προϊόντων του Κεσίδη


Monolith Greece is the largest distributor of food products from Eastern Europe and a member of Monolith Gruppe.

The main activity of our company is import, trade and distribution. With a catalog of 2000 SKUs. 2 warehouses and a broad network of clients, we serve 500 points of sale all over the country. Our expertise of over 20 years makes us market leaders in the industry.


The exclusive product portfolio covers 2000 SKUs

Our product range contains brands from the largest producers in eastern Europe along with Greek favorites. We offer a full supermarket assortment including cool and frozen products. Discover authentic traditional flavors from Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries and others. We are known for year-round availability, friendly service and competitive prices through our group synergy.